January 2, 2008

People I Hate: Shia LaBeouf

Shia Saide LaBeouf

June 11, 1986
Los Angeles, California

Actor, celebrity

Reason I Hate Him:
Because he's a glorified sideman who keeps finding work.

Shia LeBeouf is a pimple.

Despite how charming and charismatic he may or may not be, and how that full head of curly hair just makes him look so darn cuddly, and the end of the day the man is a pimple. And he knows it.

The guy has made his career by gluing himself onto otherwise good movies, and then hanging on for the ride. And then when the movie does alright, somehow, he gets considered a good actor by proxy.

Need a list? Well, we've got "Constantine." Which wasn't a bad flick. It actually kind of worked as a Keanu Reeves vehicle. Then there's "I Robot" Which wasn't a horrible way to spend a couple hours. Heck, in some ways, it was kind of smart. "Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle?" Definitely entertaining. A lot of retreaded ground, but certainly entertaining. All these movies had Shia Lebeouf in them.... and wouldn't have been remotely different if he decided to just stay home.

Don't believe me? Fair enough, name one compelling thing he's done in any of those movies. You can't can you? That's because the most compelling thing he's ever done was in Constantine..........when he died! And I'm pretty sure a slice of white bread could've bettered the job if it had gotten the role.

The dude is bland people. He's got no substance or character whatsoever. Usually, they put people in movies to contribute something to the overall feel. protagonists, antagonists, all important parts of the narrative thread. What does Shia do? He's not plucky comic relief, doesn't provide the main character with any kind of conflict of principles, hell he doesn't even support the background. He's just there!

Let's take a glance at any Shia movie and see how his character contributions play out...

.First, he introduces himself as someone who's known the main character for his whole life.

.Next, he makes several one-liners in other scenes he's in to further cement that "We've known each other a long time, and that's why I can give you shit" backstory.

.Finally , when confrontation ensues, he puts on that open mouthed, fear and amazement look that is eerily reminiscent of Futurama's Dr. Zoidberg saying "I'm acting astonished!"

All this seems like the cinematographic equivalent of saying, "Look at me! Look at me! I'm standing with grown people!" Well, I don't need to be reminded that there are some humans who are here to merely exist. I can go out into the world and see wasted skin any time I feel like it. Making me pay eight bucks for a movie ticket, or occupying my relaxing TV time to point that out is very much unnecessary, thank you very much!

And there's no need to point out the fact that he had the lead role in Disturbia and Transformers, as I'm well aware. In fact, considering how much cable shoves that in my face, it's amazing I don't have dreams about it. Still, if you want to push those two films on me, I'll lay it down for ya. First off, Disturbia was a crap-fest, everybody knows it. I didn't even have to watch it to know it.

As for Transformers, despite his name being on the cover of the box, he was still a support character. "Support to who," you ask? Well, to the big fucking robots the movie was named after of course! You think anyone took their kids to that movie expecting a heart-wrenching performance from Labeouf? Fuck no! They were there to see big CGI robots beat the shit out of each other! Yet, he's getting all these pats on the back for all of this. It's like "Well done man. You stood in front of that green screen and stared disbelieving at nothing like a champ!"

And now, Shia has gone and fucked up something I was really looking forward to, the new Indiana Jones flick. And he'll ruin it, I already know it. He'll put this whole layer of wholesomeness over the movie, and mess up the party for everyone. Here's my prediction for this film; every few minutes, Harrison Ford will start to get that Indiana Jones vibe going on, and just before he's in the zone, Shia will pop in and say something like "Hey Indy, when can I get a whip and hat just like you?" Then the vibe will be gone, and we'll watch our eight dollars float mercilessly away on a sea of generic nothingness.

So, I reiterate, Mr. LaBeouf is a pimple. And further proof that people who made their names with Disney have no business being in big boy movies.


Anonymous said...

is someone a wee bit jealous? a few words of wisdom: opposite of love is not hate is indifference so somehow he and his performance must have touched you in someway for you to 'hate'him. at least enough for you to waste at least ten minutes of your life- if you have one- dedicating this blog to him. so think about it.

watever you want to say about him you cant deny its working and that's all that matters. he's getting recognition, making money, getting some respect by doing what he loves doing: he's working his game. i cant hate that.and i wishn him all the best luck. hope it lasts.

dont hate the player, hate the game.

jacob said...

I totally agree, i hate shia ladouche so much it hurts my face whenever i see him

Anonymous said...

LOOOL dude ...don't you have anything better to do than waist ur time wrinting shit abt some holywood star??

this guy must have done something right to get ur attention!!

if u think its easy doing what he does now...well why arnt you doing it??
sorry but...you just hate him cause u aint him :S

Boogie Man Montoya said...

It's been said that I am a jealous person who has been so touched by the performances of Shia Lebeouf, that I'd be willing to waste time composing something distasteful about the man.

Something similar might be said about those who commented, but I digress.

I must admit, I'm pretty surprised at the legions who have come to the defense of young Shia. I had assumed in the current climate, where our government can do no wrong, and where strong battle lines have been drawn in the cultural sand over things like Macs/PC's and XBoxs/Playstations, that the celebrity was fair game. Apparently I'm a bit behind the times.

Still, I stand behind my words. Shia seems like a decent enough guy, and if the offer came up, I'd probably have a drink with the man. But his work is garbage. Generic fluffy garbage.

If an individual worked at Burger King who was easy to get along with and a decent all around fellow, but constantly showed up late and kept burning shit. Well, like him all you want, but if things don't change, you're gonna have fire his ass.

Same mentality. Being a celebrity is his job, and I don't think he's earning his paycheck yet.

But hell, I'm only one man. I invite you all to prove me wrong.

P.S. Jacob, I'd like to thank you. Your comment gave me one hell of a chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on all parts Boogie Man, you've summed it up well, but it's not the person you hate, it's the image of what the movie studios want to shove down our throats.

I've heard it said that he's the next Mickey Rooney. Well guess what MGM, Paramount, WB: NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT MICKEY ROONEY ANYMORE.

The world has changed and there really is no place for someone to be so "wholesome". Anybody that acts like that in the real world is quickly labeled as someone that is out of touch with reality, and that's what Shia's roles are.

He's as manufactured as Britney Spears. When you look at other "nice guy" actors, you see much more depth to them, even when they were Shia's age: Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman.

Those guys have range, and have always had it. Shia, you don't have to die, but please go the fuck away forever.

Boogie Man Montoya said...

Well said!

Carl Gustafson said...

The Transformers paragraph was awesome. I walked out halfway through, preferring studying for summerschool to hearing Shia yell, "ohmygod!" for the 156th time.
You got to figure that, as a pimple, Shia is like a loser in a beer commercial, only for adolescents. They think, "if that zit could get a hot mechinic chick..." or "if that bacne could hand with Indy..."

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this was so funny... and true.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more.

Anonymous said...

agreed I wouldnt waste any more time watching another movie with this cunny waft of an excuse for an actor. the only reason hes getting these roles is down to the fact that hes spielbergo's current rent boy, who btw seems to have lost the ability to make a decent movie (hint.. stop listening to lucas and hiring gits like michael bay to do your work for you). the only way I'd watch anything to do with these muppets in it again would be a reality tv show where him (lebouf), lucas, speilbergo and michael bay are tossed into a pit and they have to eat each other to survive.

Anonymous said...

agreed I wouldnt waste any more time watching another movie with this cunny waft of an excuse for an actor. the only reason hes getting these roles is down to the fact that hes spielbergo's current rent boy, who btw seems to have lost the ability to make a decent movie (hint.. stop listening to lucas and hiring gits like michael bay to do your work for you). the only way I'd watch anything to do with these muppets in it again would be a reality tv show where him (lebouf), lucas, speilbergo and michael bay are tossed into a pit and they have to eat each other to survive.

Anonymous said...

He is very arrogant, he has no charm, oogie looking nothing sexy about him, just a simple jack like any stupid kid next door, he looks like a cross between RICK MORANIS and BILL MURRAY. If you see interviews he's been in he acts very arrogant. The reason people went to see TRANSFORMERS was because of the robots not because of Shia. Everybody want to see those robots in action. And DISTURBIA tired ass movie. He is popular now but one day he will fall just like many actors.

Mike Cizzle said...

Great Call.

This Shiza LaDouche character has officially got my goat as well. There are a ton of no talent people in the business. But this lil stain has weasled his way into films that I wanted to enjoy and now can not.
I knew Transformers would be less than spectacular, but he made it unwatchable.
And now Indiana Jones? I literally cringed when I saw he was going to be in the movie.
So this begs the question...How does he end up working with the likes of Speilberg on potential classics (not anymore) such as Indy 4? Why do talented people choose to work with hacks?
And for those who cry "Hater", I am a lover of movies and cinema. So, when I see crap being shoved down my throat by people who used to turn out quality goods, I cry "FOUL".

~ Mike C.

Anonymous said...

hey mike,

I feel your pain, the problem is that movies (by that I mean the blockbuster type realeses) these days especially ones that are hyped up the most is that they always succumb to the bastards that are funding them, i.e must be spectacular to recoup that gazillion quid that they pumped into making it in the first place and always pandering to the lowest common denominator to get the crowds. occasionally some slip through, but most coupled with a test screening followed by more recutting to suit test audience means we mostly end up with "yellow pack for the masses" (*yellow pack was a cheap ass mass produced food brand in ireland).

Personally I blame terminator 2, not the movie itself but the fact that the special effects where such a step up at the time (people went nuts because they were so good) the producers were wowed or just somehow bought into the what could be done with computer graphics and it began to take over. bigger better "who has the best" action scenes are the rage now detracting from any (non rushed/hammed up when they try) conceivable plot line that they are now pretty much the entire movie. Couple that with the fact that anything even remotely good gets sequelled then mass produced beyond its sell by date until your sick of it.

special effects were originally there to provide and/or help context/atmosphere for the story not provide lots of cool animation sequences inter shot with closups of Shiny happy perfect fcukin people with no talent. anyway thats just my 2 cents.

look at shows like american idle, x-factor etc.. could all just be called who wants who win a celebrity lifestyle. unfortuntely the serious fan of this type of program is primarily the so called blockbuster's target audience :(

Anonymous said...

lol.. I completely agree with the majority of comments here as well with the main topic. The best movie he's ever been in was Constantine and only because of his death.

I can't stand him and his goofy face. When you want to see a action movie star your not looking for a side-kick like Shia.

I'm still wondering why he is now known as a sex symbol. Comparing him to older action stars like Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood. It seems to me like Shia won't have a tough look similar to any of the past action stars. He seems more like side-kick potential some corny acting goofball.

If you saw Indiana Jones 4 then omg.. almost every scene Shia is either falling down, swing from vines like a monkey, or acting silly.

Oh well if things go as they have been, Shia will be fading from the limelight just as many other fad favorites have disappeared after a short run. (short run meaning not lasting as long as actors like Harrison Ford, etc...)

tarisian said...

See I'm with your cause mate but for opposite reasons I don't think his acting is bad. I even thought he did a good job in Indy 4 despite the fact I hated the character. However despite being a huge Indy fan I fucking hated it because of him. I sir do not think hes probably a nice enough guy and would rather wank my dad of then have a drink with him. Hes obnoxious, slimy and a showoff. The thing that really pisses me off is how hes trying to reinforce this bad boy image starting with his raising and the ridiculously elaborate tales of how his dad was a smack dealer who dressed as a clown or something, right down to when he smoked in a no smoking zone and refused to turn up in court Hes hardly a fucking rebel without a cause! Hes not even good looking or at least as everybody says. Maybe I am abit jealous but yet I can admire the Brad Pitts and Depps (though I find him slightly pretentious) but La Bouf.. theres just something about him I detest.

Choffman said...

Amen brother, add my voice to the choir. Here.

HHH said...

I HATE SHIA LA-DOUCHE!!! Man his ugly face makes me wanna puke. seriously, the sight of him makes me nauseous. Whoever re-comments about this being a "jealousy" issue should go and slap themselves. Hell NO. As an enthusiastic movie-goer, I wanna be able to choose who I want to see in my movies, and LA-DOUCHE is one douche-bag i wish had never been in transformers or indiana jones. The movies would have done as well or better had he not been in them. Is he a box-office goldmine?? I don't think so!!! Yeah, keep putting him in these big blockbuster must see movies of the summer and guess wot? Of course he's gonna do well at the box-office!!!!! Frick!!! It's so frustrating when you go to see something like TRANSFORMERS, then get the ugly surprise that that ugly la-douche is there to poke his ugly face in your face for 75 percent of the movie!!! DAMN MAN!! I paid to see the TRANSFORMERS, not his cheezy lame poor excuse for acting!!! I want everyone to boycott his movies!!!! especially that new one that's coming out, Eagle Eye!!! The only thing that one has going for it is Michelle Monaghan. Once again, this is NOT a jealousy issue!!! Justin Timberlake.. now there's a guy I'm jealous of.. at least he has talent! Woulda rather seen him in Transformers or Indiana Jones!!!! I HATE SHIA LA-DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ermelinde :) said...

Lol. My friend is so in love with him it's not funny, so I totally agree. My other friends and I came up with a name for him. Shia La Poof. Retard. When's he gonna learn that good looks and charming skills ain't gonna get him nowhere?

alf said...

Personally, I hate him because they keep shoehorning his @$$ into everything. Seemingly unearned in terms of talent/cred.

Smug looking, oily looking. Any film with him in it smacks of a badass agent and a studio that calls the shots, not the director.

And, I'm babbling.

Hate cannot be contained.

Matt L said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am so happy to know that there is sanity in the world, that someone else questions why this "pimple" is ruining summer movies.

It's unfortunate some potentially great directors and producers have chosen Shia to be their little celebrity-making project. I've loved Steven Spielberg's films, but I believe his decision making ability is starting to wear with his age.

Thank you again for sharing your views with the world.

Anonymous said...

Ledouche!!! LOL THANK YOU
First I kept hearing his name and I'm like, who the hell?? I just don't see the appeal; I hate his name (when I first saw it in print I thought it was a girl), I hate his face, I hate hearing about him every time I turn on the tv. He's nobody, there ARE no stars anymore. Hollywood is garbage, nothing what it used to be. all the great stars are either dead or getting there. I used to love tv, now I just want to throw a brick at it. And as for movies, I don't waste my money. I can't remember the last good movie I saw. Well, I admit I did see Dark Knight (and enjoyed it), but that was just to see the Joker everyone was talking about. I heard great reviews so i thought I'd chance the $60!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the ad for eagle eye and was like wow how did this guy show up again in a big movie like this? I thought to myself there must be others thinking the same thing. I just can't see why he keeps getting put in good movies. Is he related to speilberg or is it just because he's jewish? I never thought these words would ever EVER come out of my mouth "I wish Tom Cruise was in that movie" This site gets it right .. thanks for the site. Please get rid of this idiot and stop ruining movies.

Anonymous said...

Stop picking on him. He's not grown yet.

Anonymous said...

STOP picking on him? Stop putting him in movies then, he's NOT good.

Anonymous said...

omggg !! how can sum1 NOT like labeouf ? .. he carries the funny, smart ,CUTE , hot but sweet role so damn well ...!! say wut u want but i 4 one am toeeetally in lovvvv wid him...
LUV U SHIA <3 <3 ...!!

Anonymous said...

So I Googled "I hate shia labeouf" and came up with your site. Just want to say I totally agree with you, Stranger. He is such a zero. Keep up the good work, Boogie Man.

Anonymous said...

Just found this - was bored and tired from work. Fucking hilarious. I personaly like Shia, he's a pretty funny guy. I urge you to check out 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'. Good indie film - the director's commentary isn't bad either ("I didn't want Shia...I thought he was going to ruin my movie...then I saw the audition tape and he blew me away...")

You do know that he reads this kind of 'I hate Shia LaBeouf' shit and posts comments for fun, right? LMFAO.

Oh, people.....lol

Anonymous said...

right on man.

Anonymous said...

Found your site when I googled "I hate Shia..." and I do.
He's in every movie that could be good. Next thing he'll ruin, Batman. He's going to be Robin... WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all;D

I am really sad, and felt that i had to agree with the author.
This is why.

A few days ago, when i saw Indy4, I was really looking forward to see, Indiana Jones kicking the bad guys.

But then apparently they desided to offer Shia LaBeouf for a secondary role, and sadly he is in the movie kinda' 80 percent of the time.

One thing I hate about Mr.LaBeouf is, he has no credibility, you see him in almost every movie, either as the anoying teenager(I-robot) or the fake lines hero(Indiana jones 4), for instance you would never see Angelina Jolie in a Donald Duck movie, but apparently Mr.LaBeouf answers a "YES!" to every offer, without considering that you have to build some respect, if you want to make a breakthrough in Hollywood.

Oh and I have to say, to Mr.Spielberg that the scene were Shia swings through the jungle, is embarasing that, it could even get in a Indiana Jones movie, the whole Indiana Jones consept is ruined.

If Mr.Sir Sean Connery was in the movie, it could maybe just save the movie some stars, But then again it was clever of Mr.Sir Sean Connery to back out, before he would loose his image being in a so bad a movie like indy 4.
It would look really bad see Sean and Shia in a same movie, right?

But at least Mr. Ford was okey to watch;D
And to Mr. Spielberg,and Shia,
"not good enough!"

Anonymous said...

I hope to god the rumors of him being Robin in the next Batman film are all guff. Seriously.. I heard rumors that Eddie Murphy was signed as being the "Riddler". If these rumors turn out to be true, I'd really like to know what kind of drugs Christopher Nolan was on when he decided to kill his career and the Batman franchise... As for Mr. Shia the girly-man La-douche, I'm glad to see that not too many trailers I've seen have had him in them since that stupid Eagle Eye trailer came out. Never did see that one and probably never will, but heard he got shot six times at the end and ended up living or something like that... Too bad. If he had died, maybe I'd actually consider watching it! Hahaha. And unfortunately, I will have to shell out some money next year to see him in Transformers 2, because I am a die hard transformers fan. Let me make it clear to you Mr. Ladouche-bag, that I'm paying to see the HUGE GIGANTIC TRANSFORMERS and not you. You stink buddy, and hopefully they don't give you as much screen time as they did in the first movie. Hate your guts, hate your face, hate your cheezy acting... It's the same character in every friggin' movie!!!!!! It's not hard playing a nerdy, goofy, unpopular douch-bag when that's what you are!!!! Man!!! Stop being in movies!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber (k0ph) said...

i'm so glad i found this post. for a moment, i thought i was the only person left that hasn't lost their mind, their integrity or their taste in movies, film, actors, etc.

i fucking can't stand this douche bag... i love the fact that you refer to him as a pimple... i couldnt have summed it up into a single word as good as you have.

maybe aids? teh hiv? he is a lession on an aids infected dude's ball sack.

i fucking hope he doesnt get casted as Yorick in the last man movie. untalented, ugly actors like him are the reason why i illegally watch movies and not pay 12 bucks to fucking stare at his down syndromed encrusted face.

thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

I hate that guy so much. It sucks that he's gonna be the new Robin in Batman 3.

Anonymous said...

A wave of disgust comes over me whenever i see that face of his. I'm glad someone finally said it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh,I'm so glad that some others feel the same! He really irks me,he's just a bland ugly punk that has barely any talent at all!
People like that shouldn't be smuggled into supposedly 'great' movies because they don't have the credibility to be in it in the first place. I really don't like Transformers because of HIM and that skanky Megan Fox. She's also some tadpole that thinks that her acting 'desirable' covers up for her acting skills. It's just..no. If I had to watch Transformers 2 it would just be for the robots.

Anonymous said...

Shia says he would rather eat glass then play the wii but I would rather eat glass then have to watch him for 3 hours in a movie theater. I'm sure a lot of his fans lost respect for him right there. If the wii sucks so much why is it selling so much better then his beloved ps3 or x-box.

Anonymous said...

omg TOTALLY AGREE. I thought i was the only one that hated him. And it wasn't him that caught my attention, but the reaction everyone seemed to be giving to him. I watched transformers and saw the robots, not the retarded kid running around and screaming beneath their feet. And indian jones was just a joke. but then out of nowhere, he was everywhere! it caused me to take a second glance at him (actually i was rather forced), and I thought maybe i was missing something. but no, definitely not. HE'S NOT HOT PEOPLE! Open up your eyes! And he's apparently a self opposed ass. So Shia La Boof, or whatever your name is, get over yourself, and everyone else, get over him!
love what you said Boogey Man! you said every single thing ive ever thought about him perfectly!

billowy cloud said...

I hate him cuz he ruins all blockbuster movies. He belongs in sit coms with laugh tracks. He always plays the same too excited kid. He ain't sexy and it seems he's well connected to someone in hollywood. Too bad.. I wish he would get sick of hollywood and open a resturant in cal or NY and let some GOOG looking guys get a break in hollywood, hey, I can dream, can't I?

Anonymous said...

About the wii comment of his.. Well, in order to truly enjoy the wii console system, one must have some friends to enjoy it with. Or at least 1 friend... Need I explain further?...

sundaydriver111 said...

thank you so much for expressing the feelings of hatred i have inside me for this little zit of a person, and i agree with almost everyone that commented on this subject, thank you to all of you as well, hopefully someday we can take his ass down

Anonymous said...

Boogie Man, you're spot on. Thanks to the board for the sentiments I couldn't express any better. Shia LeDouche is now in the Wall Street sequel, one of my all time favorite movies. Please directors, stop ruining movies.

Anonymous said...

it's ironic that all these shia lecunt supporters coming out to defend him can't spell for shit,
lets you know how retarded you have to be to apreciate the talentless prick. the moment his picture came up on your blog, i wanted to stab my samsung monitor. he has one of those
faces that screams SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!.
i was hoping revenge of the fallen,
would have a scene where one of the autobots accidently steps on shia, a bit like stepping on dog shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm living in Germany and I'm glad I don't have to see Shia Labeouf every two seconds on tv. I hate this moron, he ruined all movies he's done and he's arrogant as hell!!

Manufactured_Jewish_'Star' said...

It's painfully obvious.

Hollywood is shoving this loser down everyone's throat because he's jewish. No way in hell a chump like this guy gets roles in big time movies like this if he wasn't jewish ;-)

I was really interested in the Wall Street movie sequel until I found out this hack is one of the leads! Unfrigginbelievable!

Saint said...

The only person I hate more than Shia LaBeouf is Taylor Lautner. Damn I wish I had the opportunity to punch them both in the face!

Anonymous said...

I hate the little Kunt so much so that I googled to find a site where I could make this post. The little MotherFucker has ruined the Transformers and Indy Movies beyond salvation. I have not watched/boughtdvd/blury of Indy IV purely so I don't see that little rat bastard.

Anonymous said...

I hate the little Kunt so much so that I googled to find a site where I could make this post. The little MotherFucker has ruined the Transformers and Indy Movies beyond salvation. I have not watched/boughtdvd/blury of Indy IV purely so I don't see that little rat bastard.

Sven said...

Thank god that Im not alone, why does Shia keep on getting theese great jobs? He sucks! He will not be remembered as a great actor of his generation but rather as that annoying guy who almost wrecked great movies.
He is like Darryl Hannah in the original Wall Street, NO ONE liked her but many people still love the movie but always mention how mucch they hated Hannah.

poch333 said...

I googled "Hate shia le beouf" and was pleasantly surprised at the number of hits!

Boogie, you sum it up very nicely. Personally I stay away from any and all films with LaDouche in it.

Anonymous said...

I hate this guy too. When are people going to wake up and realize that this guy is polluting the film industry. A decade ago, you'd never see crap like Taylor Lautner, and La Douche...look how far we' ve fallen.

God save Leonardo DiCaprio and other talented actors! Inception Rocked!

Anonymous said...

This is Ryan Fu and thank god I am a paparazzi because I get to shoot Shia LaBeouf. He has ruined every movie or cartoon I loved as a child. Why does Hollywood think we are all idiots ready to give up our hard earned income to this douchebag!
To all the people to hate Shia I will personally annoy and invade his privacy in order for him to stop making movies!

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it's' a jewish thing. They have a stranglehold on the film industry. Ever wonder why so many lead actors these days just don't have the same presence on screen as the great actors from the past? Imagine Zac Efron or Shia Lebeouf in a movie that Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford was in?

If they remade Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid today, Shia would probably be Sundance.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it's' a jewish thing. They have a stranglehold on the film industry. Ever wonder why so many lead actors these days just don't have the same presence on screen as the great actors from the past? Imagine Zac Efron or Shia Lebeouf in a movie that Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford was in?

If they remade Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid today, Shia would probably be Sundance.

September 26, 2010 12:12 PM

Anonymous said...

if you are going to hate Shia Labeouf because he is a "glorified sidesman that keeps getting work" then you are going to have to hate a lot of people that are the same, like Will Farrell,Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, imean honestly there are hundreds of actors/actress that are bad at acting, and yet get more popularitity and jobs than Shia Labeouf. shia labeouf is a sexy man who is a good actor, so i don't know what you are talking about. people have commented that you have wasted your time writing this and you don't have a life and hating, yet they have wasted the time to comment and read this, and if you don't have a life then neither do they. But i do not agree with you that shia labeouf is bad actor he is an amazing actor and very sexy sexy man(:

Boogie Man Montoya said...

You would make a rather decent argument if the the other actors you mentioned weren't comedians. And the last time I checked, Shia hasn't done anything funny.......well at least intentionally funny (personally I find his attempts at drama pretty hilarious.)

Why is this relevant? Well comedians go into show business knowing that they're going to look kind of dumb. In fact, they are more often than not banking on it. It's their job to elicit a few chuckle,s even if it is at their expense. As a result, people tend to cut them some slack because even if the jokes are pathetic and were only funny a hundred, million years ago, well at least they're not trying to take themselves seriously or anything.

Shia? The boy seriously wants to be a "real actor." The older he gets, the more serious roles he takes (and the more he seems to screw them up.) I have a hard time saying nice things about someone who does pitiful work, but still expects to be taken seriously as an artist.

As for sex appeal, well I am a happy heterosexual male, but I think if I decided to ever switch teams, I could probably do way better the LeBeouf.

Anonymous said...

I posted 3 years ago ...back to just complain b/c I wanted to like the transformers movies but I won't even go see them only b/c of him. I wish he would go away. He just keeps getting put in movies. Oh and the thing with megan fox ... how could she ... wow that's low. Please hollywood keep him out PLEASE, Please Please?

Anonymous said...

I really hope Michael Bay or some other Hollywood Big-Shots are reading all these comments about Labeouf (Ladork,Lapuke,Labitch,etc...)I can't believe they removed Megan Fox from the Third Transformers and NOT HIM!!!! It's because of him that I'm NOT seeing the third installment in theatres! Now he's all like, I'm not doing a "Fourth" one because I have nothing more to contribute to the films... What a moron! He contributed absolutely nothing to the entire series so far except for bad acting! If the Fourth installment ends up making less money, he'll be like "ya, it's because I wasn't in it!" But the reality will be that people just eventually get bored after 3 installments of the SAME movie have already been made! Why do you think there isn't a Jurassic Park 4??!! Man I hate that Douchebag. I wish they would just kill him off in every single movie he stars in!!!

Austin Shockey said...

Hahaha, hey- I bet all these Shia Defenders on here pretend kike crazy they've always hated Him too no that it's popular.

I used to make the Poor Man's Corey Matthews reference all the way back to even Stevens, and then had the EXACT sideman argument back when you posted this too. Wish I'd have seen it then.

Holes was a god Shia Flick though. Really it was.

But Jesus Christ does that guy need punched in his smug Mouth.