August 26, 2011

The End

As I stare at this blog to which I have not posted a fresh word to, in over a year's time, it becomes very clear that the time to befriend the inevitable has arrived.

You see, I hate loose ends. And the notion of having a neglected piece of myself on the internet, pointlessly occupying precious space, is an unhappy one. I've lost count of how many blogs I've stumbled on that were just left to whither away, eating up space on some long-forgotten server. All abandoned with little more than a quick post talking about major changes in the writer's life, and how despite it all they were going to be writing more often, and with better stories no less. On some, there was the occasional pity follow up, with a random two-paragraph post talking about something nonsensical. Usually a funny tale that wasn't all that funny to begin with, just to fill in the spaces.

Suddenly the months and years go by, and that silly little post serves as the epitaph to everything you had composed before. All the things you had written, stuff that was well received and possibly even a little bit popular, it all suffers because it was all left hanging on that one weak note.

I really don't want to be like that. I like conclusions folks. Even if the end is somber and not up to the expectations one would like, at least you know that the spool is no longer dangling any loose threads.

So here I am one last time on this ill-neglected blog, with the intention of ending it all. Not in any kind of venomous "gun to the temple," way, but to provide some measure of closure to anyone who had ever read this blog, and of course closure to myself. I'd sleep just a little bit better knowing that there wasn't some loyal reader out there who wasn't spending his nights anxiously waiting to see if this would be the moment I came to my senses and wrote something. It's an impractical fear, but I've never been known for my practicality.

At the very least, anyone who found there way here via my strong opinions about Shia (which I still stand by god damnit,) would know this place to be nothing more than a minor rest stop on the infinite highway of the net. Something to chuckle over, possibly muse upon, but inevitably move on knowing that all this was is what it was. It was a notion I was very content with.

So, we end it. I dare say we'd have to. The person who started writing this blog probably wouldn't even recognize the person who's writing this particular post. To try and take everything I had learned and become in the last couple years, and completely destroy it by returning here to bash on celebrities and complain about how real music is dead would be an insult to fate. And I'm wise enough to know that fate is unyielding in where the currents take you. I believe in the great magnet people.

So, a thousand apologies to the five followers I was fortunate enough to collect (most of whom, ironically signed on when I wasn't writing a damn thing,) and the legions of folks who stopped by from time to time. I appreciate the loyalty, but it is time for me to bow out gracefully. The site itself will remain active, simply because I still get enough traffic coming in to warrant such irresponsible behavior. And I'll still respond to any emails and comments that come my way, but the Boogie Man won't be writing here any more. The Boogie Man doesn't really exist any more. And that my friends, is a good thing. For you, and especially for him.

Thank you for reading, and for giving me an opportunity to write for you.